Selly And Betty Win


For the second Head Of House competition in the chase, Diamond’s Betty and Ruby’s Selly have won the endurance tasks.

Housemates were required to keep their hands straightly whilst holding baloons  and the last man standing was to be announced  the New Head of House. The task started from  the Diamonds House and after a couple of disqualifications, Betty and Huddah remained the last ones standing but Biggie announced Betty as the HOH because her arms were more straight than Huddah’s.

The same task was taken to the Ruby house and at the end of it Selly, was declared the winner. Selly and Sulu were the last ones standing but just like Biggie did in the Diamonds, Sulu lost to Selly because his hands were a little bit bent.

This is raising anticipations for next week as both the winners are up for this week’s possible eviction and should they get evicted,their runner-ups will replace them.

We hope they do survive the evictions and enjoy their Hoh reign.

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