Who’s Packing Tonight?


The Real game is about to begin, the chase for the $US300,000 continues after tonight’s eviction.

It’s just a few hours for the viewers to witness the first eviction of the Chase. Kenya’s Huddah, Uganda’s Denzel, Natasha from Malawi, Betty from Ethiopia and Ghana’s Selly are the first chasers to taste the Chopping block. These five are up for this week and first possible eviction and at least one of them will be booted out tonight.

The  first week is the hardest ever as Housemates  are required to  nominate each other without getting to know well who they  really are. Originally before the Heads of House swapped, the Nominations were as follows.

From the Ruby House, Bassey and Selly were the nominees and in Diamond, Denzel, Huddah and Elikem were to face the chopping block. Later on after the heads swapped  Beverly and Feza saved Bassey and Elikem and replaced them with Natasha and Batty respectively.

The tension has been high this week and it continues until the eviction hour not only to the Nominees but also the HOHs as they  will have to reveal to fellow Housemates who they saved and replaced them with.

Well, the game is on, we are about to witness what might happen after tonight’s eviction….. Who do you think will be evicted?

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