Why the love birds were evicted

lover-birdsHakeem, Fatima, Bolt and Biguesas stood in the middle of the Diamond kitchen trying to understand why LK4 and Koketso were evicted from the House tonight.

Bolt said that Biggie once asked him in the Diary room, why his Housemates were stubborn when it came to adhering to House rules and of course Bolt was able to tell Biggie what he wanted to hear because he himself didn’t know why this was the case. Little did he know that Biggie might have been referring to Koketso and LK4.

Biguesas fully understood where Biggie’s question to Bolt came from. He told them that Biggie constantly had to tell Koketso and LK4 to either unmute their microphones or make sure that they were on properly. This is where he thinks their evictions would have rooted from. This might have not been entirely the reason they were evicted but it played a huge part in getting them out of the House.

It seems the Diamonds are slowly realizing that ignoring House rules can have dire consequences that they wouldn’t want to be faced with and it also seems that LK4 and Koketso might have experienced this the hard way. Fatima ended the conversation by advising the other three to stick to what Biggie tells them from now on otherwise they might also find themselves out of The Chase.

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