June 12, 2024
BBNaija Bella and Sheggz
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Full Gist on What Happended in BBNaija House between BBNaija Bella and Sheggz

BBNaija Bella and Sheggz are both housemates of the Big Brother Naija season 7, Level Up edition. A lot transpired between the two during their stay at the Big Brother Naija house. Find out what happened between them in this article.

BBNaija Bella and Sheggz

BBNaija Sheggz with Full Name Segun English-based actor and professional football player Daniel Olusemo is 26 years old. He resumed acting after suffering an injury last year, and most recently landed a part in a Tola Odunsi-helmed play.

The Big Brother Naija housemate was raised in Lagos, Nigeria, where he was born, before moving to London, United Kingdom, as an adult.

Sheggz describes himself as “confident, but not cocky” and “the right mix of Lagos and London” and says it’s necessary to be both a hard worker and a smart worker. Sheggz describes himself as realistic, relatable, and ambitious. He can talk when necessary but is also an excellent listener.

Bella, also known as Chidimma Esther Okagbue, was born on May 31, 1997. She is a budding Nigerian model, content producer, social media influencer, and reality TV star. She was one of the 24 competitors in the Big Brother Naija seven 7 edition, Level Up.

Bella has a distinctive personality because she claims to be able to be both ice and fire at once. Bella BBNaija was born and spent her formative years traveling the world and exploring Nigeria as a model. She entered the Big Brother Naija house with the hopes of taking home the grand prize.

What Happened Between BBNaija Bella and Sheggz?

Sheggz and Bella were thought to be a contentious BBNaija Level-Up couple. For the umpteenth time during the season, Sheggz and Bella got into a furious confrontation over what Sheggz deemed Bella’s disrespectful and impolite behavior. This signaled a resumption of the ongoing conflicts and rifts in Shella and John’s relationship.

Bella and Sheggz got into a fight after Bella grew weary of Sheggz’s chattiness and storytelling, which mostly consisted of his endless recounting of his countless travels to London. Bella became enraged and labeled Sheggz a “storyman” as he continued talking about coming back to Nigeria after his brother started school in London.

Sheggz responded to Bella by claiming that his ex-girlfriend does not treat him rudely and that he regrets Bella’s behavior toward him and the other housemates. He said: “I feel like I’m rude and you’re rude too; I feel like you’re about to be terrible to me whenever you speak to me.” Bella screamed, “I want to go back to being rude, leave me alone,” as she begged Sheggz to leave her alone.

Later, Sheggz pleaded with his lover for her to understand him. He described how he has always been overly protective whenever Bella gets into a disagreement with housemates about being impolite. Sheggz has consistently stood up for his sweetheart when they get into confrontations about rudeness and outbursts with other housemates like Phyna, Chichi, Rachel, and others. He tried to end the argument by telling Bella, “You’re my best friend.”

The pair, who are notorious for having insignificant arguments, are sure to work things out, as they have on numerous occasions during their stay in the house.

Did BBNaija Bella and Sheggz get Married?

Bella was the object of Sheggz’s affection and he confessed his intentions to marry her. The footballer later revealed to Ebuka-Obi Uchendu that Bella’s “vibe and aura” was what initially drew him to her. “I just had the feeling that this girl had to be real; there must be more to her, and I wanted to get to know her. I honestly didn’t think it would get this deep,” he admitted.

Okay, she’s gorgeous, I want to get to know her, I thought. As soon as I saw her, I was undeniably drawn to her, and I believe that as I got to know her, we grew closer. She has a highly appealing personality, in my opinion.

He was further prompted by Ebuka to discuss the marriage discussion he had with Bella inside the home.

Sheggz responded by confirming that the marriage would take place and invited Ebuka to attend as well. However, this wedding still hasn’t happened and it doesn’t look like it will as both parties are no longer together.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened between Bella and Sheggz?

Bella, Sheggz By Adegboyega Adeleye Controversial BBNaija Level Up couple, Sheggz and Bella got into a heated argument for the umpteenth time this season over what Sheggz described as disrespectful and rude behavior by Bella. This marked a return of the constant rifts and disputes in Shella’s relationship.

Was Sheggz and Bella evicted?

Following Sheggz Eviction, Bella learns to socialize and create bonds with the Level Up Housemates. The eleventh Live Eviction show brought on a myriad of emotions for our Top 6, Bella and Phyna especially.

Is Bella BBN evicted?

Big Bella becomes the fourth Housemate to get Evicted during the Finale, making her one of the Top three Level Up Housemates alongside Bryann and Phyna.

What did Sheggz do?

Earlier in the week, Sheggz was made the tail of the house and was asked to serve any of the housemates who asked for his help; an act he failed to do. Thereby, Big Brother found Sheggz guilty of disobedience and disregard for his (Biggie’s) instructions.

Is Sheggz still in BBN?

A housemate of the Big Brother Naija reality TV show, Segun Olusemo, Sheggz, has been evicted. Other housemates evicted include Chibueze Iyele, known as Hermes, and Henry Orakwu, popularly known as Groovy.


BBNaija Bella and Sheggz are both housemates of the Big Brother Naija season 7, Level Up edition. During their time together in the Big Brother Naija home, a lot happened. They were regarded as a contentious BBNaija Level Up couple.

They were notorious for having insignificant arguments but were sure to work things out. Sheggz even proposed to Bella during the show. However, the two still haven’t gotten married and it doesn’t look like they will.

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