July 18, 2024
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Bbnaija Eviction: Bbnaija 2022 Evicted Housemates

The Big Brother Naija show, season 7 edition themed, level up evicted 29 housemates from the show. Though they were evicted, some of these housemates brought a lot of drama and color to the season’s edition.

This article comprises a list of the evicted housemates of the Bbnaija show, 2022.

2022 Bbnaija Evicted Housemates

1. Groovy

Groovy got evicted early in the season due to the relationships he had during the show. One such was the one he had with Phyna. Although while on the show, he delivered some noteworthy Task performances, along with his memorable fashion choices.

2. Sheggz

Sheggz also got evicted from Bbnaija’s house. But he provided us with enough to gossip about while he was in the house, including his relationship with Bella, his fights with numerous Housemates, and his lackluster performance as Tail of House.

3. Hemes

Hermes gave the Big Brother Naija experience everything he had: he was Allysyn’s boo, the king of the dance floor, the winner of multiple Tasks, and a two-time Head of House.

4. Allysyn

Everyone noticed Allysyn’s put-together, and distinctive appearance as soon as she entered the Big Brother Naija show. She has consistently served edgy accessories and a lovely bikini collection during her tenure in Bbnaija’s house. Hermes’ ship and her sibling relationship with Doyin also provided us with something to discuss.

5. Dotun

Medical Physiologist Dotun has consistently given us endurance for those early-morning workouts, tasks, games, and social gatherings. Unfortunately, he was amongst the evicted housemates in week 8 of the show. He had also claimed that he could never fall in love in Bbnaija’s House, but it appears that a particular spoken poetry performer may have changed his mind.

6. Doyin

Every Housemate in the Level Up season is touched by Doyin’s Big Brother Naija experience as a certified medical radiographer. She provided us with sismance, actual discussions, fashion, and of course the much-discussed lip-locking scene with Cyph.

7. Eloswag

When Eloswag entered Bbnaija’s House, he promised vibes and energy, and boy did he deliver. In all Tasks and Games, he also displayed a fierce sense of competition, winning HoH for himself in the process. Unfortunately, he too was amongst the evicted housemates in week 7.

8. Chomzy

Chomzy, who won millions of Naira in Arla, Munch It, and Pepsi Tasks, to name a few, went down in Big Brother Naija Season 7 history as one of the most fiercely competitive female Housemates.

9. Amaka

Following her nomination by other housemates, Amaka was kicked out of the Big Brother house. Amaka, a 23-year-old nurse from the eastern Nigerian state of Anambra, describes herself as a cross between a spoiled brat and a well-behaved kid.

10. Deji

The last fake housemate to leave the show was Deji. During the week two Sunday live eviction show, two bogus roommates were introduced into the program.

Other evicted housemates from the Big Brother Naija show, 2022 were Christy O, Diana, Giddyfia, Modella, Kess, Pharmsavi, Khalid, Ilebaye, and Cyph.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which BBN housemates have been evicted?

A housemate of the Big Brother Naija reality TV show, Segun Olusemo, Sheggz, has been evicted. Other housemates evicted include Chibueze Iyele, known as Hermes and Henry Orakwu, popularly known as Groovy. The three housemates were evicted during the live eviction show on Sunday.

Who was evicted on Sunday BBNaija?

Kindly share this story: The Big Brother Naija season 7 held its seventh live eviction show on Sunday evening and two housemates were evicted. Allysyn and Dotun became the 15th and 16th housemates to be evicted from the BBNaija Level Up season respectively.

Who was evicted in BBN 2022?

Big Brother Naija housemates, Rachel and Chizzy have been evicted from the show in what was a shocking eviction. The duo, who are Riders, were evicted on Friday night when Ebuka paid the house a surprise visit.

Is Hermes evicted from BBN?

Hermes was one of the top contenders for the 100 million grand prize and his eviction came as a surprise to many followers of the show.

Where is Eloswag BBN from?

Eloswag with the full name Eloka Paul Nwamu a 27-year-old digital marketer and content creator born in Lagos, apart from being lively, confident and talented, Eloswag counts his mom as his superhero and reckons he is a hit with the ladies.

Who is Bella in Big Brother Naija?

25-year-old Bella is a fun, energetic UNILAG graduate and content creator. She loves traveling, swimming, photography, and making new connections. She considers herself “a no-nonsense person who gets pissed off easily” and is competitive, because she likes winning.

Is Groovy out of BBN?

Groovy, who has just been evicted from the house, has given his fans a lot to talk about from his fashion sense to his ships in the House. He has also left his fans favourite moments about his stint in the Big Brother House.

Who is Sheggz in Big Brother Naija?

Sheggz is a 26-year-old actor and professional footballer based in England. After sustaining an injury last year, he started acting again and recently scored a role in a production directed by Tola Odunsi.

Is Sheggz and Bella evicted?

Earlier reported, Sheggz and Bella were an item during the reality TV show before Sheggz started bringing in some behavior fans found manipulating and toxic. That, however, did not stop Bella from being close to him, before he was finally evicted from the show.

Where is groovy BBN from?

Groovy’s full name is Henry Olisaemeka Orakwue. He’s 26 years old, born in Anambra state but resides in Lagos, Nigeria. He is a graduate of Biochemistry from the University of Lagos, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry


Mentioned above are the names of the evicted housemates from the just concluded Bbnaija show themed level up. Some of these housemates were amazing during their time on the show and added lots of spice to it which gave us a lot to talk about.

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