February 24, 2024
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BBNaija Building: Design, Interior, and Location

We’ve put together an article explaining all you need to know about the brand-new BBNaija building, which is quite the sight. The house was launched during the sixth season of the Big Brother Naija show.

Since the BBNaija house returned to Nigeria in 2019, the building has seen multiple alterations. However, these latest improvements are just breathtaking.

In this article, we will talk about certain details regarding the building such as its interior décor, segments in the house, improvements that were made,  and finally, where the building is located.

Modifications of the BBNaija Building

1. Mezzanine floor

The renovated BBNaija mansion now has a mezzanine floor that is more than 200 square meters in size. This is in addition to the original home, which has an additional 250 square meters for support building services like the presenter and artist lounges and an art room where all of the arena games’ props are created.

On the mezzanine floor is a brand-new indoor game room with a trophy cabinet, a restricted-access executive lounge, and a regal Head of House room of more than 50 square meters.

2. Interior Design

The new BBNaija building comes with exquisite interior designs. For instance, the executive lounge has wallpaper that seems like it came straight out of the rainforest, matching green walls and green tufted furniture.

Another noteworthy object is the golden lion statue that is located beneath the HoH chair. A newly constructed patio with a mural painting and a Jacuzzi is another attraction of the outside space. Nearly 75 craftspeople worked to bring the season’s theme to life while sourcing every item in the home locally.

Bright colors and geometric shapes are prominent throughout the house’s communal areas, with accents of African décor items strategically placed.

3. Indoor Gaming Room

The snooker table, table football, and tennis in the indoor games room will make it the ultimate fun area for housemates. The balcony railing of the games lounge, which faces out onto the dining area, is decorated with potted plants in a tribal pattern.

Improvements in the House

The number of cameras in the house has increased as a result of the additional floor. The house of the 2019 BBNaija Pepper Dem edition was built to accommodate 32 Q-Ball cameras in addition to seven hand-held cameras.

This current BBNaija building contains 37 Q-Ball cameras and 14 hand-held cameras that can constantly monitor the housemates. There are 11 of those Q-Balls and two handheld cameras on the mezzanine floor alone. Additionally, there are twice as many ambiance microphones installed throughout the home to record all conversations.

The BBNaija house is one of the significant investments made in the program every season, according to Chief Executive Officer of MultiChoice Nigeria, John Ugbe, who was speaking about the house update.

Where is BBNaija Building Located?

2018 saw the relocation of the Big Brother Naija House from South Africa to Lagos, Nigeria, where the third and fourth seasons of the show were aired. But where exactly in Lagos is the Big Brother Naija house, where the fifth, sixth, and seventh seasons are held?

The Big Brother Naija house’s current location and address are unknown to the public. The Big Brother Naija house, according to our research, may be situated near the DSTV office in Ilupeju town, Lagos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the current Big Brother Naija House located?

The Nigerian Big Brother house is the official residence of the Big Brother Naija franchise. The current house is located at 4 Industrial Street within the Ilupeju neighborhood in Lagos, Nigeria, while the See Gobbe and Double Wahala seasons’ houses were located in South Africa.

Who is the Owner of BBNaija House?

The reality show was founded by John de Mol Jr. The owner, who is 67 years old in 2022, is a Dutch billionaire who made his fortune as a TV producer and a media mogul. He also created the popular American reality shows The Voice and Fear Factor.

How much is Big Brother Naija Form 2022?

This year’s BBNaija audition will be strictly online and completely free, just like last year’s. Applicants must upload a 2-minute introductory video on why they want to be in Big Brother and why they should be selected for Big Brother Naija season 8.

Which Country Owns BBNaija?

Big Brother Naija, formerly known as Big Brother Nigeria, is a Nigerian reality competition television series, based on the Big Brother television franchise, in which, contestants live in an isolated house and compete for a large cash prize and other material prizes, at the end of the show by avoiding being evicted.

How Much is Big Brother Naija’s Entry Fee?

The price of the big brother Naija form is FREE of charge! However, we have heard of people paying or asking to pay between N80,000 to N100,000 for the big brother Naija form. Ensure that you purchase the big brother Naija form from official sources.

How Do You Get Into the Big Brother House?

You are expected to record a two-minute video of yourself stating why you should be picked to be a Housemate of Big Brother Naija / Big Brother Titans. Only after recording your video, then you need to fill out the online registration form and upload your video.

Who Owns the Voice of Big Brother Naija?

Mike Ejike Ibedilo is the one who is Big Brother’s voice. He is a broadcaster, a voice actor, and a model. He has been a radio host on Cool FM, and has had many other roles. But his voice may be his biggest asset, as he has come to be known as Biggie.

Who is the Richest So Far in BBN?

Chomzy is topping the list as the wealthiest BBNaija Level Up housemate so far. She has amassed about N6.5 million in cash prizes and also won a trip to Cape Town with the rest of her fellow housemates. Some of her wins include N250,000 from Close Up, N500,000 from Guinness Smooth, N2.5 million from Supa Komando, N220,000 from Airtel, and N2.5 million from Pepsi, to name a few.


The BBNaija building is one of the major expenditures made in the show each season. It has been recently innovated to contain various homely and artistic designs. The house is located in Lagos, however, the exact location is not known to the public.

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