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bnaija disqualified housemates
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List of Bbnaija Disqualified Housemates

Several housemates have been disqualified from the Big Brother Naija show. These Bbnaija disqualified housemates either broke the rules of the house or got involved in inappropriate activities.

In the house, when a housemate has three strikes, they are eliminated from the competition. Housemates receive one strike for every rule broken. However, some offenses can be too serious to result in a straight disqualification without a strike, while others might be too minor, in which case Big Brother might only issue a warning to the offender.

Disqualified housemates are forced to leave the home through the back door, as opposed to being expelled. They would be denied the opportunity for any kind of interview and would also have to give up any winnings they may have made throughout the course of the program.

This article comprises a list of Bbnaija’s disqualified housemates throughout the show.

Bbnaija Disqualified Housemates

1. Ilebaye and Khalid

Big Brother Naija‘s seventh season has Ilebaye and Khalid as housemates. After engaging in sexual activity under the blanket, the pair created a commotion within the home and among the crowd.

2. Beauty

One of the Big Brother Naija contestants to be eliminated is Beauty Tukura. The former beauty queen took part in the seventh season of the reality television program called “Level Up.”

After a fight with fellow housemate Groovy over allegations that he danced with Chomzy, Beauty was eliminated from the competition. She and Illebaye also engaged in physical assault.

In addition to being eliminated, Beauty is the first housemate to be eliminated within two weeks of the reality TV show’s debut.

2. Erica

One of the Big Brother Naija stars who was eliminated was Ngozi Erica Nlewedim. She was one of the housemates in “The Lockdown,” the fifth season of the show.

After confronting Laycon, who claimed she tried to kiss him, Erica was kicked out. She had already received two strikes for violating the house rules, which include communicating with the production team, bullying, and provocation.

Currently, Erica works as a model and actor. She has appeared in numerous films and won the “Best New Actor” prize at the 2022 African Movies Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA).

3. Kemen

In 2017, Kemen Ekerete, better known by his stage name Kemen, was one of the Bbnaija disqualified housemates dismissed from the reality television program during its second season. He was charged with groping T-Boss, a housemate, inappropriately when she was fast asleep.

Kemen had clarified in a number of interviews that the accusations made against him were false, contrary to what had been depicted on the show. He is a Port-Harcourt native and works as a fitness coach and an entrepreneur right now.

4. Tacha

Anita Natacha is also one of Bbnaija’s disqualified housemates. She is popularly known as Tacha or Simply Tacha.

Season 4 of the reality TV program “Pepper Dem” featured Tacha. Due to an altercation with Mercy Eke, her housemate and competition, she was eliminated from the competition. Following the altercation, Mercy was given two strikes, while Tacha was eliminated from the competition after being found guilty of using physical force and intending to inflict harm.

Tacha was a well-known show adversary before her disqualification since she possessed the necessary skills to triumph. Tacha is presently working as an actress and content creator

5. Khloe and K-Brule

Khloe and K-Brule were both housemates in the “Double Wahala” episode of Big Brother Naija season 3 in 2018.  Housemates were partnered in pairs for the third season of the show, and Khloe and K-Brule were partners.

There was an argument when K-Brule attempted to kiss Leo, another housemate. After Leo informed Khloe of this, she went to confront K-Brule. She described K-mother’s Brule negatively during the argument, causing him to strike her but he was stopped by other housemates.

The two were both disqualified after receiving their third strike in the fight after previously receiving two strikes each.

While K-Brule is a rapper, Khloe is currently an entrepreneur who owns a skincare and clothing line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who has been disqualified from BBN?

Big brother housemate, Beauty Tukura, has been disqualified from the reality show for fighting fellow housemate Groovy over claims he danced with Chomzy.

Who has been disqualified from BBN Season 7?

Big Brother Naija season 7 housemate, Amaka, has been evicted from the show, following a nomination twist in the house on Monday evening. Big Brother had asked all the housemates to nominate two fellow contestants for immediate eviction and Amaka got the highest number of nominations.

Which BBN housemates have been evicted?

A housemate of the Big Brother Naija reality TV show, Segun Olusemo, Sheggz, has been evicted. Other housemates evicted include Chibueze Iyele, known as Hermes, and Henry Orakwu, popularly known as Groovy. The three housemates were evicted during the live eviction show on Sunday.

What Beauty did do to get disqualified?

She threw the house into chaos when she fought dirty with her supposed boyfriend, Groovy, for dancing with Level One housemate, Chomzy. Following her disqualification, Beauty has tendered an unreserved apology to her fans for her actions, viewers, and family who supported her while she was in the house.

Who got disqualified in BBN 2022?

After her disqualification from the show, the Rivers State indigene has made a name for herself with her involvement in business and social activism.

Who is the owner of Big Brother Naija?

Although the Banijay Group of companies may be the current owner of the hit reality TV show, the Group did not start the franchise. The reality show was founded by John de Mol Jr. The owner, who is 67 years old in 2022, is a Dutch billionaire who made his fortune as a TV producer and a media mogul.

Who is the new housemate in BBNaija 2022?

The Big Brother Naija reality Tv show has introduced two new housemates, Chizzy and Rachel. Chizzy is definitely a spicy addition to the #BBNaija Level Up House.


These are the disqualified Bbnaija housemates, who were expelled from the house for breaking the house rules or for being involved in misappropriate behaviors.

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