June 12, 2024
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When Was Big Brother Titans Unveiled

Do you enjoy watching Big Brother Naija (BBNaija)? Do you enjoy seeing housemates interact and coexist? If so, you’ll unquestionably adore the Big Brother Titans (BBTitans) program.

Enjoy this post while learning more about the program or how to apply for the BBTitans show. You can find all the information here.

Big Brother Titans (BBTitans)

Big Brother Naija and Big Brother Mzansi formed the Big Brother Titans (BBTitans). In the forthcoming season of Big Brother Titan, this program enables housemates from South Africa and Nigeria to coexist in the Big Brother residence.

Big Brother’s reality TV franchise will return with a particular version eight years after it was put to rest. The show, Big Brother Titans, will combine elements of Big Brother Mzansi, the South African version of the program, and Big Brother Naija.

The new program, whose premiere date has been set for 2023, will be open to South Africans and Nigerians aged 21 and older, according to Mnet, the program’s organizer.

The BBTitans show will combine elements of Big Brother Mzansi (the South African version of the program) and Big Brother Naija.

Auditions for Big Brother Titans (BBTitans)

The biggest reality television program in Africa, Big Brother, has launched calls for entries for a brand-new special season that will premiere in 2022.

Big Brother and Big Brother Mzansi will join for this season, aptly titled “Big Brother Titans (BBTitans).” This implies that all Nigerians and South Africans above the age of 21 are eligible to apply. New competitors for Big Brother Titans must be nationals of South Africa or Nigeria and have proper identification.

John Ugbe, Chief Executive Officer of MultiChoice Nigeria, commented on the intriguing twist of combining BBNaija and BBMzansi: “The lengthy history of rich culture and talent shared by both countries will be brought to life via the Titan housemates in one house. The explosion of drama and intrigue that will follow is something I can only fathom. Imagine “Afrobeats” meeting “Amapiano,” together with the food and other exhibits; we think this will be quite fascinating. We will provide further information when it is appropriate later in the upcoming year. We are delighted about the unique big brother season”.

The BBTitans is truly a do-not-miss show as it is the first of its kind. If you want to be an active participant (contestant) in the show, here’s what you need to know:

  • Big Brother Titan’s audition begins on October 6 and will run through to Saturday, October 22, 2022.
  • To apply, you are requested to make a two-minute video of yourself explaining why Big Brother should choose you to be a roommate on Big Brother Titan, upload it to mnet.tv, and complete the online application.
  • You must have a legitimate form of identification and be a citizen of South Africa or Nigeria.


  • By October 30, 2022, you must be 21 years old or older.
  • You must have a valid form of identity as of October 30, 2022, and be a citizen of South Africa or Nigeria or a permanent resident of one of those countries.
  • You must be in excellent physical and mental health.
  • If you are selected for an interview, you can get any further application materials, such as a Medical History form, additional psychological and health questionnaires, and/or documents (like your birth certificate, passport, and/or other identification), which you must finish and submit (before the date of your interview).
  • If selected, you could be required to sign a caretaker agreement, confidentiality agreement (including one affecting your immediate family), or agreement and release. You must also consent to medical and psychological examinations, including blood and urine tests, and furnish the producers with whatever information they may request.
  • You must also adhere to all physical and psychological requirements and permit the medical professional(s) who Producers have selected to test you physically and psychologically in Lagos to conduct their examination.
  • You grant the Producers permission to do whatever background investigations, including criminal and civil ones that they deem necessary by applying to compete in Big Brother.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Process To Follow In Order To Participate On The Show?

Stage 1: Carefully read the eligibility guidelines.

Stage 2: Read the Terms and Conditions Acknowledgement.

Stage 3: Continue by filling out the Registration Form.

Who Is Eligible To Participate?

The competition is open to all Nigerian and South African citizens between the ages of 21 and above, irrespective of their race, gender, tribe, ethnicity, or religion. As long as they meet the eligibility requirements and have the resources to pay for their own travel to Nigeria, Nigerians who reside abroad are allowed to participate.

How Will Big Brother Titans Housemates Be Picked?

We think that housemates will be chosen based on their character, training, work history, personality, and online following. These factors are used to gauge audience reaction in this reality show, which is sort of an experiment. The BB Naija housemates have already been selected and trained before the broadcast, thus those that auditioned have wasted their time and money, according to skeptics. But that’s not accurate. As we previously stated, your personality and the part you will play in the show are determined using the information you provide when enrolling and your performance at the audition. Be yourself.

How to apply for big brother Titans 2023

It’s easy to sign up for Big Brother Titans 2023. Just follow these steps:

  • Visit https://shortaudition.net/big-brother-titans for more information.
  •  Check the box next to the terms and conditions.
  • Fill out the forms with your first name, last name, nickname, and desired big brother name.
  • Choose a gender.
  • Write down your hobbies, a quick bio, your job, and your birthdate. Enter your date of birth, relationship status, and next of kin details.
  • Type your identifying information and identification number.
  • Upload a 3-minute video of yourself stating why you should be chosen to be a Housemate in Season 7 of Big Brother Naija.
  • Upload a very clear photo of yourself. • Upload a form of documentation, such as a passport, ID, or driver’s license. When doing this, make sure you are unwavering, trying your best to be yourself, and self-assured. Make sure your video is clear and free of errors.
  • Submit


Like Big Brother Naija, The Big Brother Titans is a thrilling and engaging television program. Viewers can see how South Africans and Nigerians interact through this program.

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