April 16, 2024
Tega BBNaija

Biography of Tega BBNaija

Tega BBNaija is one of the Big Brother Naija Season 6 “Shine Ya Eye” housemates who came to fame following his participation in the reality show on July 24th, 2021. She came into the limelight after participating in the show.

This article is an overview of Tega. It comprises of her early life, education, net worth, and love life.

Tega BBNaija Biography

Tega Offiong Dominic-Ajeboh, who goes by Tega, is a 29-year-old entrepreneur from Nigeria. She is one of the housemates in the shine Ya Eye edition of Big Brother Naija 2021.

Tega was born and lived her formative years in Cross River Calabar, Nigeria. Dominic Bassey Ekpenyong is her father. However, he has passed away.

Tega is a mother of one and a self-employed businesswoman who likes to dance, travel, do projects around the house, and take pictures. When Tega isn’t doing any of the aforementioned, you can find her swimming or being the life of a party.

She claims to be extroverted, eager, and passionate about the things she enjoys, but her “small circle of friends” represents her as laid-back and a fantastic cook. Tega is always willing to learn and sees difficult situations as opportunities to grow.

Being a mother has transformed Tega’s perspective on many things and inspired her to look forward to all that life has in store for her.

Tega BBNaija Education

Tega’s primary and secondary school experiences are still largely unknown. She did, however, earn a degree in theatre arts from the University of Calabar.

Tega BBNaija Career

Tega is a successful entrepreneur and reality television personality. She is the proprietor of Effanga’s Kitchen, a restaurant in Lagos, Nigeria. She also operates a company called Tega Detox that sells herbal tea and weight loss products. She gained notoriety when she appeared in Big Brother Naija season 6 (Shine Ya Eye), one of Africa’s most popular reality TV programs, which debuted on July 24, 2021. She was, however, kicked off the show before the season’s conclusion.

The reality TV star is also a social media influencer. She has collaborated with numerous companies, including Pepsi, Jenny’s Glow Skincare, and Crystals Signature. On Instagram, she has more than 462 thousand followers, and on Twitter, she has 70,000.

Tega BBNaija Net Worth

Tega has a successful business that brings in enough revenue to cover all of her expenses plus some more. She is said to have a net worth of $23,000 to $100,000. Her commercial endeavors and brand sponsorships are the main sources of her income.

Is Tega BBNaija Married?

The reality TV actress, Tega, was previously married to brand expert and businessman Ajeboh Kris Lawrence from Nigeria. The two were wed on August 5, 2017, and they divorced in 2020. Has Tega BBN ever had children? They do indeed have a son named Jamil Dominic whom they share with her ex-partner Ajeboh. He was conceived on August 2, 2018.

Tega BBNaija Social Media

Tega is active on various social media platforms;  you can follow her on any of these social media accounts if you’re a big fan. The official usernames for Tega on social media are listed below.

  • Instagram: @its_tegadominic
  • Twitter: @its_tegadominic
  • Facebook: Tega Dominic
  • TikTok: Tegakris

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BBN Tega still married?

Tega, on Friday, disclosed that her marriage ended before the show on Instagram while she fielded questions from her fans after an unnamed fan asked her to stop shrouding her marital status.

Where is Tega in Big Brother from?

Tega was born and lived her formative years in Cross River Calabar, Nigeria. Dominic Bassey Ekpenyong is her father. However, he has passed away.

Did Boma sleep with Tega?

During the latest episode of the reunion, host, Ebuka Uchendu played back clips of Boma’s time in the house with Tega, where they got very intimate. Reacting to the clips, Boma wasted no time in affirming that it was true that he was made love to fellow former housemate Tega but it was all for the game.

How old is Tega in BBN?

Mother of one, 30 years old Tega is a self-employed entrepreneur that enjoys dancing, traveling, DIY, and photography.

Who is Queen in BBN?

Queen Mercy Atang

A former Big Brother Naija housemate, Queen Mercy Atang, has thrown her weight behind one of the contestants of the ongoing BBN reality television show.

Who is Tega father?

Senator Bassey Ekpenyong

Reality TV star, Tega Dominic, has mourned her dad, Senator Bassey Ekpenyong, stating that he would’ve disowned her by now if he were still alive.

Who is the real owner of BBNaija?

Although the Banijay Group of companies may be the current owner of the hit reality TV show, the Group did not start the franchise. The reality show was founded by John de Mol Jr. The owner, who is 67 years old in 2022, is a Dutch billionaire who made his fortune as a TV producer and a media mogul.

What did Tega do?

Tega became the subject of public backlash following her affair with fellow housemate Boma while in the Big Brother house. “I take full responsibility of my actions and I sincerely apologize to everyone that I disappointed and to those who could not stand my actions while on the show.

What did Boma did to Tega?

After her eviction, Tega made several efforts to clarify that despite her romance with Boma, they never had sex. A viral video clip had shown Boma kissing Tega passionately in the executive lounge; and another scene showing erotic movements under the duvet. Boma, however, said, “I didn’t do it.”


Tega BBNaija is a reality TV star, entrepreneur, actor, makeup artist, and social media influencer from Nigeria. Following her participation in Big Brother Naija season 6, she gained notoriety (Shine Ya Eye). She has a sizable fan base and is a well-known Instagram user.

Discussed in this article, are a few things we know about her. To learn about her, you can follow her on any of her social media handles.

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