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Nini BBNaija biography and networth
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Nini Bbnaija Biography and Net Worth

27-year-old Nini aka Nini BBNaija is an economist and businesswoman in the fashion sector. She was born and raised in Nigeria and was one of the lucky women that won a seat on the Big Brother Naija show.  Nini has continued to get notice ever since. If you are wondering who she is and what to know more about her, this article on Nini Bbnaija biography and net worth has all the info you need.

Nini Bbnaija Biography

Anita Singh popularly known as Nini was born on the 16th of May 1994. In a household of six, Nini is the third child. She was conceived by BB Singh and Mrs. Singh. Naija Nini grew up mostly with her mother. She has a strong mother, whom she admires and freely compliments. Her mother is from Nigeria and her father is from India. She was raised in Auchi, Edo State, where she was born.

Nini eventually moved to Lagos, where she completed her secondary education, and thereafter moved to Abuja, where she earned a degree in economics from the prestigious University of Abuja.

Cleaning, cooking, traveling, and photography are some of her interests. She calls herself “curious, dramatic, ambitious, and fun,” and she acknowledges that she enjoys being the focus of attention. See more of Nini Bbnaija biography and net worth below.


Nini appeared to be seeing fellow housemate Saga romantically during her time on the television series Big Brother Naija. However, her real boyfriend is Shojay Oteri, a brand ambassador, and tech entrepreneur from Abuja.

Nini and Bbnaija

According to Nini BBNaija, she joined Big Brother Naija because she believed it would provide a wonderful platform for her to develop her personal and professional ambitions. She planned to add some flavor to the house by being herself. ‘I am a spice, so I don’t need anything, she says.

She is the 11th female housemate to enter the BBNaija house.

Work Life

Nini BBNaija is a Nigerian reality television star, model, social media influencer, businesswoman in the fashion industry, and economist. She was one of the housemates on Big Brother Naija season 6 (Shine Ya Eye), which helped her become more popular.

Nini has worked for a variety of companies, including Strictly Weight Loss and Marymic Skincare Spa. She also has a clothing line called Fashion Pub (fPUB).

Before becoming a visionary in the design industry, Nini worked as a financial analyst. She quickly advanced in this because of her love of design, expression, and fabulousness. Nini has always been passionate about fashion and has a good sense of style. Because of this love, Fashion Pub was born.

Nini Bbnaija Net Worth

The fashion entrepreneur from Nigeria, Nini is thought to be worth between $100,000 and $350,000. She relies on her entrepreneurial endeavors and brand sponsorships for the majority of her income.

Nini BBNaija is a  beauty queen who likes charming and opulent automobiles. She has photos of herself next to a sweet white Mercedes Benz sedan and Toyota vehicles. She might be the owner of this Mercedes Benz.

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Social Media Life

Still talking Nini Bbnaija biography and net worth, let’s examine her social media life. Nini’s popularity grew when she became a housemate on the Big Brother Naija show. Nini BBNaija has amassed followers on her social media accounts, particularly on Instagram. At the moment, she has 514k+ followers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Country is Nini from?

She is a Nigerian citizen. She was born and raised in Auchi, Edo State, Nigeria. When is Nini BBNaija’s birthday? The reality TV star celebrates her birthday on 16 May every year.

Is Nini BBN Mother a Nigerian?

Nini Mother: Aneeta Singh Nini BBN mother is Mrs Singh, she is from Edo State, Nigeria

What is Nini Real Name in BBN?

Nini real name is Anita Singh Nini

Is Nini BBN From Nigeria?

27-year-old Nini is an economist and fashion entrepreneur born and raised in Nigeria. She has four siblings and a supportive mother that she loves very much. She currently lives in Abuja and is a graduate of the University of Abuja.

Is Nini’s Father From India?

BBNaija Nini majorly grew up with her mother. Her father is an Indian while her mother is a Nigerian. She was born and brought up in Auchi, Edo State.

Is Nini Mixed?

Nini BBN’s real name is Anita Singh. She is a Nigerian national born in Auchi, Edo State, to parents of mixed origin. Nini BBNaija’s father is Indian and her mother, who raised her, is Nigerian.

Is Nini Related to India?

The first thing that struck people when Nini showed up on our screens during the 2021 Big Brother Naija was her beauty. People’s guesses were eventually confirmed when she revealed that she is half Nigerian and Indian.

What is Nini age?

27-year-old Nini is a Nigerian-born and raised economist and fashion entrepreneur.

What State is Liquorose BBN from?

BBNaija Liquorose was born and raised in Lagos state Nigeria though she is originally from Edo state. BBNaija Liquorose did her secondary and primary education in Lagos state.

What is Sheggz net worth?

Sheggz is a professional footballer and actor who lives outside of the country. With an estimated net worth of $80,000 (Based on internet research), he could be regarded as one of the wealthiest housemates competing in this year’s 2022 Big Brother Naija season.

What is Saga Real Name?

Adeoluwa Okusaga is famously known as Saga. He is an engineer, model, and fitness expert known for participating in the reality TV show Big Brother Naija season 6. Saga BBNaija’s biography highlights all you need to know about the Nigerian celebrity

Where Was Maria BBN Born?

Maria although born in Britain, relocated back to Nigeria with her family where she obtain a Secondary school education.

Is Nini From Big Brother Married?

According to her management, BBNaija Nini is not married. In a statement clarifying the speculations, BBNaija Nini’s management stated that the 28-year-old housemate from Edo State has never been married.


So, that’s it on Nini Bbnaija biography and net worth. These are the few things we know about Nini BBNaija for now. To know more about her, you can follow her on Instagram at @singhniniofficial.

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