April 16, 2024
Big Brother Titans
About the Show

What is Big Brother Titans (BBTitans)

Big Brother, the most popular reality television series in Africa, has released a call for entries for a brand-new, special season that will air in 2023. Big Brother Naija and Big Brother Mzansi will be combined in this season, aptly titled “Big Brother Titans.” It indicates that South Africans and Nigerians of legal age may audition. They have announced Big brother titans starting date including Big brother titans requirements for auditions.


What you need to know about Big Brother Titans

Part of Big Brother titans application requires all interested and qualified persons must record a two-minute video of themselves saying why Big Brother should choose them to be a Big Brother Titan housemate. Big Brother Titans auditions will run from October 6 to October 22, 2022. Contestants must then submit this film to the Mnet TV website and complete the online registration form. There are no plans to reschedule Big brother titans starting date. Therefore, it is important you fix up with the date listed.

New competitors for Big Brother Titans must be nationals of South Africa or Nigeria and have proper identification.


 Big Brother Titans Explained by Multi-Choice

John Ugbe, Chief Executive Officer of MultiChoice Nigeria, commented on the intriguing twist of combining BBNaija and BBMzansi: “The lengthy history of rich culture and talent shared by both countries will be brought to life via the Titan housemates in one house. The explosion of drama and intrigue that will follow is something I can only fathom. Imagine “Afrobeats” meeting “Amapiano,” together with the food and other exhibits; we think this will be quite fascinating. When it is appropriate, we will provide further information. We are delighted about the unique big brother season.

The program, which aims to seize control of the African continent for its full run, will be broadcast there.

The reality program is moving to include contestants and organizations from both countries in one show. This is the reason why the Msanzi franchise and the Naija franchise are succeeding above all expectations.

The fanbase will transcend nations and cultures, the drama will be thrilling, the prizes will be mouthwatering, and the community will astound you.

Everyone confident in their talent and charm from both countries is welcomed to the auditions, which will take place shortly. The online audition is accessible right now, and they list everything you need to be a contestant in the show in the video. The Big Brother Titans application list equally has it.


Nigerians react to BBNaija Titans

The news of a new Big Brother show with Nigerians and South Africans in one house got netizens talking. Read some of their reactions below:

Amadah_mercy_emeka: “Una never rest for this last one……biggie rest small oooooooooooo.…..”

ladytoluu: “So fast.”

barbz_and_co: “Wow..loud gan”

john_sage11: “Let us breath na, can’t this wait until after the elections, this is not the time.”

quin_lizzi11: “Yaaaaaaa, it’s gonna be Hot”

therayztv: “Wahala promax.”

b.i.b.i.r.e: “Biggie abeg rest…Not now”

shugapearl_14: “Wahala oh we Never Finish for one we dey enter other one.”

mhiz.sarah.127648: “Una no just want make dis year hms shine small , before anoder.”


Quick Facts About Big Brother Titans

  • Mnet tv Big Brother Titans auditions begins October 6, and run through Saturday, October 22, 2022.
  • Simply make a two-minute video of yourself explaining why Big Brother should choose you to be a roommate on Big Brother Titan, upload it to mnet.tv, and complete the online registration form.
  • You must have a legitimate form of identification and be a citizen of South Africa or Nigeria.
  • The prize money for BBTitans will be in dollars.


Quick Facts About Big Brother

Fact 1

Ten to twenty competitors enter the house with each about three-month-long series.

Fact 2

A participant must endure repeated (often weekly) evictions and be the final housemate or houseguest still living in the compound by the end of the season in order to receive the grand prize of $10,000.

Fact 3

The show’s premise is that a number of roommates or houseguests live together in a sizable, frequently custom-built home. They are cut off from the outer world while they are at home and are frequently unaware of outside occurrences. Throughout their stay, contestants are closely watched by both personal audio mics and in-house television cameras. Therefore, before you go ahead to fill Big brother titans application, be reminded that your life will be closely monitored. There is no privacy in Big brother house.

Fact 4

Since then, the format has developed into a global TV franchise that is broadcast in numerous nations in various iterations.

Fact 5

The participants in Big Brother have traditionally been referred to as  “housemates” in most nations that have produced the show; but, in the American and Canadian versions, they are called “houseguests”.

Fact 6

The home was fairly basic in the first season of most Big Brother series. Luxury objects were frequently prohibited, even while necessities like running water, furniture, and a meager ration of food were provided. The show’s survivalist element was thus included, raising the possibility of interpersonal conflict.

Fact 7

The novel Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell is where the phrase “Big Brother” first appeared.

Fact 8

The amount of sexual obsceneness that can be portrayed in broadcast and Internet-feed versions varies by nation. Contestants occasionally have sexual relationships.

Fact 9

Big Brother enables sociological and demographic examination of how people respond when confined in close quarters with people who are not in their comfort zone (with different opinions or ideals, or from a different socioeconomic group).

Fact 10

Some nations have modified the Big Brother format; these nations’ versions are known as Celebrity Big Brother or Big Brother VIP, and the contestants are famous locals.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Naija Big Brother?

BBNaija is presently owned by the Banijay Group of enterprises, which produces entertainment in more than 20 countries, despite reports that the ownership of the television program has changed hands several times since it began.

How much does it cost to enter BBN?

All interested male and female Nigerian nationals who will be 21 years old by November 1, 2022 and have a valid Nigerian passport may participate in the online audition for free.

When did Big Brother start in Nigeria?

From March 5 to June 4, 2006, the Big Brother Naija reality TV series debuted.



Big brother titans is the first of its kind that will be bringing South Africans and Nigerians under one roof. Get ready for quite an experience. Though there has been a previous version of Big Brother tagged Big brother Africa that brought Africans under one roof. This one promises quite an experience.

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