December 5, 2023
Boma and Tega BBNaija
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Boma and Tega BBNaija

Two of Big Brother Naija season 6 housemates, Boma and Tega BBNaija were said to have had sex under the duvet during the BBNaija show. A video clip of them under the sheets went viral went led to their eviction form the show. Find out what exactly happened between the duo in this article.

Boma and Tega BBNaija

Boma Martins Akpore, also known as Boma, was born in Yaba, Lagos State, Nigeria, on May 4, 1987.  He was raised by his single mother and grandmother in Yaba, Lagos. As of 2022, he is 35 years old. He is an American-based Nigerian actor and model. He became well-known after competing as a model in the Mr. Imperial Universe contest. His notoriety skyrocketed after he started acting, and he is well-known for playing in a select number of significant movies and TV episodes like Brooklyn Coven and The Blacklist.

He describes his early years as “very challenging” because he had to work while going to school to support himself. His greatest achievement in life was saving enough money to attend film school, which was eclipsed by his graduation. One of the hardest choices he had to make was to leave school in his last year due to financial issues, but it was also his greatest accomplishment.

Boma considers himself “unique” and calls himself “beautiful, clever, adventurous, and fit.” He supports himself while pursuing his acting career by working as a masseuse during the day and a bartender at night.

Tega BBNaija

Tega Offiong Dominic-Ajeboh, also known as Tega, is a Nigerian entrepreneur who is 29 years old. She is one of the “Shine Ya Eye” housemates from Big Brother Naija Season 6 who gained notoriety after joining the reality competition on July 24, 2021. Her being a part of the show catapulted her into the spotlight.

Tega was born in Cross River Calabar, Nigeria, where she also spent her formative years. Her father is Dominic Bassey Ekpenyong. He has, however, passed away.

Tega is a single mother who runs her own business and enjoys dancing, traveling, doing tasks around the house, and taking photos. Tega enjoys swimming and being the life of the party when she isn’t doing any of the aforementioned activities.

She describes herself as outgoing, enthusiastic, and passionate about the things she enjoys, yet according to her “limited circle of friends,” she is chill and a great cook. Tega is always eager to learn and sees challenges as chances to advance.

Tega’s viewpoint on many things has changed as a result of being a mother, and she is now eager to experience everything life has in store for her.

What Happened between Boma and Tega BBNaija

Tega addressed rumors that she had made out with Boma in bed. Remember how Tega and Boma were attacked when the show showed videos of them having a sexual encounter under a sheet? The two were said to have had intercourse, especially after Boma was spotted grabbing for a tissue while still hidden under the cover. The two expressed regret for their actions before they were evicted from the house.

On the other hand, Tega, during one of her media appearances said that Boma reached for a tissue because he had sinus problems. Tega claimed that everything she did with Boma was scripted and that she missed her husband. She also denied them having sex.

I’ve seen the videos, Tega remarked. Boma suffers from sinus issues, and next to his bed, you can see tiny packs of tissue paper. I had to wake him up so often to blow his nose. We kissed but nothing else happened.

“I also watched films of the day he summoned me to the executive lounge while I was still attempting to change out of my pajamas. When he called to tell me to get dressed quickly, I believe I wanted to take a bath. I immediately changed out of my pajamas when he mentioned that, putting on a singlet and jeans before we headed inside. We were chatting about how the production team was concentrating on what we were doing when the kiss occurred” she says.

“For those who claim he fingered me, that never happened. We never went over the line. She told Pulse, “I own up to everything and acknowledge that I went in too hard. I’m not saying this to protect myself.

Boma also collaborated with her story when he was asked about the video clip that showed him kissing Tega passionately in the executive lounge, and another scene showing erotic movements under the duvet.

In his interview with PUNCH Live, he claimed he didn’t have sex with Tega and that everything that happened in the House was just for show and not real.

Everything was planned, he said, and he simply apologized for the sake of peace and to allow him to concentrate on his work now that he was out of the house.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Boma sleep with Tega?

Ebuka Uchendu, the reunion’s host, replayed clips of Boma’s time in the house with Tega, when they became very intimate, during the most recent episode. Boma quickly responded to the tapes by confirming that it was true that he was made to make out with fellow ex-housemate Tega, but it was all for show.

Is Tega pregnant for Boma in BBN?

Tega Dominic, the controversial Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) season six housemate, has confirmed she is pregnant

What happened between Tega and Boma in the Big Brother house?

Boma, who also spoke on PUNCH Live on Wednesday, said that no sex happened and that everything that took place in the House was a mere show, rather than reality. He noted that everything was premeditated and that he only apologized for peace’s sake, to enable him to focus on his job now that he is out of the house.


Boma and Tega BBNaija are both housemates in the sixth edition of the Big Brother Naija TV show, titled “Shine Ya Eye.” The two were said to have indulged in inappropriate activities during their stay in the house which led to their eviction from the show. However, the duo, later in an interview after their eviction, stated that nothing had really happened and everything they did was just for show.

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